Rapidly creating great products is a challenge we love

Our Solutions

We approach all apps, websites, products, and services with our hands-on way:

Concept & Technical Consulting
We offer three kinds of services: consulting, concepts and implementation. Depending on what is most suitable for your specific project, our services are available individually or in various combinations.
Product Development
We know that a concept is only worth its implementation, and this is precisely why our constant focus is on the user experience. In other words: we’ll find a solution you’ll enjoy using. For us, this also means to always be at the cutting edge of technology and develop a product that works.
Operation & Growth
We optimize business processes in a way that makes them intuitive and user-friendly. Growth often comes with speed, which requires constant attention.

What we focus on

Web Services
API Backends are the backbone for successful services, we know how to connect different parts of system architectures in an efficient way.
Web Platforms
A platform needs to cover all aspects for a company. We enjoy defining the MVP and feature cycles for a platform and integrating continuous deployment and smart monitoring for this service.
Mobile Applications
Mobile applications need to provide both a frequent use case and lovable interface. We love native and apply hybrid technologies throughout development.
Smart Devices
Today, everything can be connected to the Internet and we love to put sensors in their right place to provide useful information for the user.
Every company needs to be easily accessible on the internet, as the first impression of the user is essential for the page to be considered useful. We develop websites that the user loves as much as Google itself.
Information Systems
Providing lots of data can be tricky, it has to be usable in navigating, browsing or searching. We know that usable means instant when working with data.

Services of our Sister Companies

Design, CI and branding
Digital Distillery develops the design, branding and corporate identity for companies.
Programmatic Advertising
Engage Media GmbH focuses on programmatic advertising and cpt optimizations.
Computer Vision
MoonVision GmbH works with computer vision based on machine learning and deep learning
triffty media GmbH
An exclusive network for medical professionals.
Voucher Systems
vouchercube GmbH is developing a voucher system for the hotel and event industry.